Berlin Highlights


The actual highlights of guided tours in Berlin beyond the historical monuments and museums are amazing modern buildings designed by international renowned architects.


The modern architecture at Potsdamer Platz meanwhile stands as a symbol for the New Berlin after reunification. Constructed in the city centre close to former wall strip, this quarter has become a popular meeting point with many movie theatres, a film museum, restaurants, offices and shops.






The new buildings for the federal government and the parliament visibly connect the former divided parts of the city with their axis and bridges over the Spree River as a “federal ribbon”. They as well are a symbol for reunified Berlin.







A visit of the new cupola of the Reichstag building can perfectly be combined with a visit of the Reichstag roof restaurant which offers a wonderful panoramic view.









A guided walk through the inner courtyards of the Spandau suburb leads to traces of former Jewish life in Berlin, where nowadays many galleries of contemporary art have opened, where you find young fashion designers and every day more fashion shops with spectacular shop design. This is Berlin creativity quite close! Similar tours lead you to explore the district of Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg.









The Olympic Stadium of 1936 has become especially interesting as the place for the finals of the world’s soccer championship in June 2006. The best and shortest way to get an overview on the sports complex and a panoramic view on Berlin at the same time is to take the elevator to the top of the Olympic bell tower. A documentary exhibition there gives information about the history of the “Reichssportfeld” and the Olympic games in 1936.





The modern library building for the Free University of Berlin was designed by Sir Norman Foster It perfectly serves its function and surprises by its form as a huge water drop in the middle of the university campus. Opened in 2005 it is one of the the latest examples of amazing modern architecture in Berlin.



Guided tours in Berlin cannot miss the new Central train station of Berlin, which was designed by Gerkan, Marg and Partners, and inaugurated in Mai 2006 with huge fireworks. Trains going from the east to the west are crossing here the trains from north to south. Because of the transparency and the perspectives of high altitude the steel-and-glass construction is often referred to as the train station cathedral.



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