English guided tours Berlin and museums…




My guided tours will give you an overview of Berlin, like a general idea and a taste of the German capital city.

However you can as well choose a main subject or get a special tour providing a lot of detailed information about one subject in particular.





Today Berlin is definitely characterised by one special quality: creativity!


The creativity comes from three sources:
  1. the particular history of the city,
  2. the situation of a metropolitan city with 3.4 million inhabitants and
  3. the function as the reunified German capital.



My English guided tours Berlin and museums will bring you to places where creativity appears in the architecture and forms the urban face. You will see the corners where to catch the special atmosphere and get an idea of actual living in Berlin.




… and English guided tours in Potsdam

Potsdam is situated only 25 km south west from Berlin. We will just cross the famous “spy-bridge” Glienicker Brücke, where many spies have been exchanged during the cold war between east and west.. Potsdam is famous for more than 32 beautiful Hohenzollern palaces and vast enchanting palace gardens, but there is much more to see.





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